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VolunteerEMS.org was created by Apu, a volunteer member of the Springfield First Aid Squad since 1991. Springfield, New Jersey, and much of the state is comprised of small municipalities each with their own volunteer first aid or rescue squads that provide for the emergency medical services (EMS) needs of those that live, work or play in their towns.

Founding partner of an Internet services company in the mid 1990s, I created a website for our first aid squad early on. As a result, I often got e-mails from people around the state interested in joining their own local EMS agency but unable to locate any information about them. I ended up playing "matchmaker" trying to find the appropriate agency for them to contact.

Even today, with sites such as VolunteerMatch, the Springfield First Aid Squad continues to receive inquiries from people in various parts of New Jersey (and, on occasion, even from New York) trying to find a local EMS agency and unable to do so. Instead, they contact us. While we would certainly like for them to all join our squad, that's not realistic. It's too far for many to drive, other agencies need help as much (or more) than we do, ... VolunteerEMS.org was created in the hopes that we can connect with other volunteer EMS agencies. If someone calls us but is not nearby, we can refer them to your agency. Similarly, if they are in our area, we would hope you would send them to us.

Finally, VolunteerEMS.org can be used in joint advertising. For example, if a number of EMS agencies join together to recruit new volunteers, it can be tedious to list complete contact information for each agency. Instead, feel free to point visitors to VolunteerEMS.org and use the rest of the space to highlight those aspects of volunteer emergency medical services that the public may not know.

Disclaimers: VolunteerEMS.org is a free, public service. There is no charge to list your agency and there is no charge to search for an agency. And there never will be. While listings are checked to see there are no obvious errors, no guarantee is made as to the accuracy of the information. Anyone can search the directory as often as they wish but the collected data will never be sold or rented. If you have any questions, please Contact VolunteerEMS.org


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